Photo: Dante Djtirro Monteverde

Photo: Dante Djtirro Monteverde


Gallerie Noir Miami- Art Basel Opening – December 2017 Miami, Fl

Mayson Gallery - Art Attack -– September 2017 New York, NY   

Parlor Gallery - Pleased to Meet You – August 5th 2017- September 11, 2017 Asbury Park, NJ

Gallerie Noir Dallas- Exhibition November 2016- indefinitely Dallas, TX

Les Créateurs- Wynwood Exhibit January 2016- January 2017- Miami, Fl

Wyn 317- LAYERED October-November 2016 Miami, Fl

STK Restaurants– Indefinitely Around the World

Coral Gables Museum- Fluid March 2016 Miami, Fl

Linea Studio and Abel Remon- Design District Exhibit and Art Palm Beach January 2016 Miami, Fl

SLS Hotel- Young Artists Initiative January 2016 Miami, Fl

Fame Studios- Alice in Wynwood, Art Basel December 2015 Miami, Fl

Wyn 317- Miami Vs New York July 11th- August 1st 2015 Miami, Fl

Lyons Wier Gallery- Ka-Lei-do-scope July 6th- July 12th, 2015 New York, NY

Wyn 317- Get it While its Hot May 9th - June 6th 2015 Miami, FL

Art Fusion Galleries - Beyond Reflections April 11th- June 13th 2015 Miami, FL

Gallery Black Lagoon- Stepping Away from Reality June 6th - July 11th 2014 Austin, TX

Wells Mason Gallery- Eviscerated November 2014 Austin, TX

IEI Austin Gallery- Sustaining Artists, Sustaining Environments  2014 Austin, TX


I grew up in NJ and spent a lot of time in NYC. I took art lessons when i was barely entering grade school with a family friend named Judy Lewis. One day I Laid my artwork against a wall assuming it was dry, the next day we discovered that the paint had ran down the whole canvas. I revel in what Lewis called “A Beautiful Mistake”. An error that I embraced, became enamored with, and pragmatically infuse in most of my art work. Later I went to school at the George Washington University in Washington, DC where I studied anything but art. It wasn't until after I graduated that I rediscovered and pursued my passion for creating. I moved to Austin in 2012and then to Miami in 2015 to seek more positive inspirations, soaking in new lives and totally different environments. The idea of doing something that goes against the normal grain of society and that also reflects creativity and individuality, while encouraging a DIY nature, is a great inspiration to me. I look forward to where my art takes me, it sort of has a mind of its own.

Artist Statement:

My collages are often influenced by my personal outlook and true life experiences. I share a fraction of my own little world, by promoting strength, knowledge, and self awareness to overcome social flux and challenges; learning from them through the art of mixed media. I like to express my playful side, never shunning the Basquiat beneath. Culled from the social consciousness and current events of today, each of my pieces feature a different cultural comment viewed through the lens of my experiences. The simple overlapping of many small pieces, arranged in just the right way speaks volumes, touching on issues implicitly without being overbearing or sanctimonious. My work tends to stand as a viewers’ test, challenging what one sees versus what they feel in relation to the contemporary pits, progress and powers effecting as all.


David Bowie, The 90's, Grunge, Dash Snow, Warhol, Mary Ellen Mark, Jim Goldberg- "Raised by Wolves", Vivienne Westwood, Kurt Cobain, My family/friends, Seedy Motels, The Chelsea Hotel, Sid Vicious, 70's Punk, Gaspar Denoe, Mia Zappata, The Gits, Streetwise Seattle (1984), Israel, Basquiat, Uschi Obermaier, Pattaya, All Things Vintage, Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo (1981), Cirque Du Soleil, and Man Ray.


Family, Imperfections, Quirks, Good Morals, Breakfast, Comfort, Yellow, A Greater Purpose, Peace, Grit, and Good Spirits


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